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People of all ages need regular dental visits to keep their mouths and gums healthy and prevent health problems from developing, and OPĒS Health Channelside assists by offering both preventive and treatment-based dental services. At their Tampa, Florida office, the OPĒS dentists educate men, women, and children while giving them the care they need to prevent complications. Schedule an appointment online or by calling the practice to keep your smile healthier and happier longer.

Dentist Q & A

How often should you visit the dentist?

Seeing the dentist twice per year works well for most people. If you have less of a risk of developing cavities or gum disease, you may need to go to the dentist only once per year. On the other hand, if you have gum disease or are diabetic or have a weakened immune system, you may need to see the dentist every 3-4 months.

When you go to the dentist, you receive a thorough cleaning to remove plaque from your teeth as well as from around the gumline. If you have gingivitis, you may need plaque removed below the gumline.

At your visit, the dentist examines you for cavities using a visual examination in addition to X-rays. The dentist’s staff helps you schedule a separate appointment to address issues that need to be treated.  

What types of dental work does OPĒS Health Channelside offer?

At OPĒS Health Channelside, your dentist handles common oral care procedures such as filling cavities, getting crowns or bridges for your teeth, and performing root canals.

In fillings, the dentist removes decay from your teeth and fills the space with a material that prevents the tooth from decaying further. Depending on the material, the filling may also make your teeth more aesthetically appealing.

In adding a crown, also called a cap, your dentist makes a tooth-shaped shell that fits over a tooth as a way to stop decay. At OPĒS Health Channelside, we perform same-day crowns, so you leave our office the same day you come in without tooth pain. In some cases, you may need a bridge, which has one or more false teeth to fill in for missing teeth.

A root canal, which despite its outdated reputation is no more uncomfortable than a routine filling, involves your dentist removing the infected pulp inside of your tooth and replacing it with a filler product to end your tooth pain and preserve the outer portion of the tooth. The dentist might need to put a crown over the tooth, depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth.

What type of cosmetic dental procedures do you offer?

OPĒS Health Channelside offers treatments like veneers and teeth whitening. Dental veneers are thin pieces of ceramic adhered to your teeth using dental-grade cement. A veneer can correct issues like cracked, damaged, or crooked teeth. It even has the potential to correct issues with spacing, reducing or eliminating your need for braces.

Teeth whitening uses a special type of teeth bleach consisting of hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching solution removes stains on the outside portion of your teeth.

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