Look Your Best in the New Year and Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with Xeomin

Xeomin, OPES Health Channelside, Tampa, Florida,

You can decompress all you want, but if you’ve been living with a furrowed brow, your frown lines could be semi-permanent, due to muscles that remain contracted even after stressful moments have passed. For once, these aren’t wrinkles primarily caused by aging skin. Your worry lines form over bunched muscles. The good news is that if you relieve the contractions, the lines will disappear.

Xeomin® for frown lines

There’s no question that cosmetic treatments based on the botulinum toxin are successful. In any given year, these injectable treatments account for more aesthetic procedures than the total number of plastic surgeries in the United States. The reason? Botulinum toxin injections are safe, long-lasting, and effective.

As a paralytic neurotoxin, Xeomin causes the muscles behind your frown lines to relax. As the muscles smooth out, so do your frown lines. For about three or four months after the injections, these muscles stay smooth. In the hands of experienced aesthetic specialists like those at OPES Health Channelside, the results are completely natural-looking. You retain the ability to form facial expressions, with no stiff, unresponsive spots that give away that you’ve had work done.

With other botulinum toxin products on the market, some consumers may ask, “Why Xeomin?” It’s a fair question. Unlike generic versions of brand name prescription medicines, Xeomin isn’t a knock-off of other botulinum toxin products. It’s far more purified, which gives it some advantages over other formulations.

Less chance for resistance

The active ingredient in all botulinum toxin products is similar, though each has its own properties. You can’t simply swap one product for the next, since dosage concentrations vary. Xeomin also has an additional advantage, due to its highly purified nature.

Other products encapsulate the active ingredient in protein shells. This is necessary to assure delivery of the toxin, with these proteins acting as a preservative of these less-refined toxins. The proteins don’t usually cause any problems, particularly for first-time treatments.

However, it’s possible that over time your immune system can create antibodies against these proteins. As a result, instead of the proteins being able to dissolve away and let the botulinum toxin do its thing, your antibodies neutralize the protein shell and flush it from your body. The result is less neurotoxin reaching the frown line muscles, making your treatments less effective over time.

Xeomin has no protein encapsulation, so there’s no chance for your body to build immunity to these proteins. If you’ve seen other products become less effective, it may be time to switch to Xeomin.

What to expect from a Xeomin treatment

If you’ve had botulinum toxin treatments with other products previously, you’ll be familiar with the routine. It’s a short office visit, with a series of injections in the frown line areas. Because of Xeomin’s unique formulation, you may see results sooner, in as little as three or four days, with maximum effect achieved within 30 days. While the average effective range of treatment is three months, individual results vary, and you could see longer durations.

If you experience any side effects at all, it will most likely be a slight irritation around the injection site, such as you might have after a blood draw or allergy shot.

In addition to our other medical and dental services, OPES Health Channelside is an aesthetic specialist practice, which means we’re experts in the administration of Xeomin injections. To make an appointment, call our office in Tampa, Florida, or click the button to schedule online.

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