Intravenous Drip Therapy

We all know the importance of fueling our bodies with vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle. However, whether you maintain a nutrient-rich diet and consume your daily vitamins or not, your body still may not be absorbing the proper nourishment it needs to reach its highest potential. The powerful benefits from these essential nutrients can quickly be diminished by malabsorption disorders, making it difficult to ensure the effectiveness of your supplementation. While your body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain normal daily function, it is imperative that you fuel your cells appropriately.

What is IV Drip Therapy?

Intravenous Drip Therapy is an innovative approach to deliver and ensure the absorbability of nutrients into your body. While administered directly into the bloodstream and bypassing the GI tract, the intravenous method provides 100% bioavailability of vitamins and minerals to maximize the impact and benefits for your body. IV Drips are delivered directly to the cells that need them most, proving to accelerate effectiveness and provide immediate and long-lasting results.

At OPES Health, our IV Drip treatments focus on balancing your body’s hydration and supplying the nutrients needed to strengthen your immune system, enhance your mental clarity, maximize your potential, and detoxify your body. With unique treatments to suit your individual needs, we offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that your cells may be craving as well as additional drips to target your specific goals and overall well being. Replenish your body with what it deserves: let our drips be your comprehensive care package for cellular health.


We believe that your optimal health is highly dependant on your body’s hydration. Proper hydration is required for digestion, detoxification of the liver and kidneys, and waste removal; Whereas dehydration often causes headaches, joint pain, weight gain, high blood pressure, kidney issues, and more. While studies show that it can take your body up to two hours to fully absorb 500mL of water and that you can only absorb approximately one liter of water an hour from your GI tract, IV Drip therapy powers your body with the most effective technique for rehydration. By administering vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream for full bio-availability, your body will be instantly replenished.

Whether your body is dehydrated or not, you can still greatly benefit from the increase of hydration from IV Drip Treatments. For those who are dehydrated, the added volume (1L of normal saline) will replace your missing volume; For those who are not; the extra volume will get picked up by your kidneys and be released as any waste would. Either way, you still will get the full benefits from the additives and help increase your cellular health. With IV treatments, your body fluids volume will increase instantaneously and you will feel the power of rehydration as soon as your treatment is complete.

IV Drip Therapy has been shown to improve both physical and emotional wellness by fueling your cells with the ideal balance of vitamins and minerals and replenishing your electrolytes. While ensuring full absorption, the Drip method can effectively improve immune health, energy levels, anxiety, migraines, allergies, wound recovery, mental clarity, cognitive function, and more. When your cells are restored with adequate amounts of nutrients, it becomes easier for your body to thrive at its highest potential.

AT OPES Health, we believe that athletes should prioritize their cellular health to increase their athletic advantage. By providing the essential nutrients needed to rehydrate your body, prepare for performance, and promote recovery, IV Drips are ideal for athletes at any level. We offer treatment options that ensure the full absorption of BCAAs and magnesium to help create usable energy, boost metabolism, improve stamina and strength, lessen fatigue, promote protein synthesis, increase hydration, and expedite recovery time.

Our drips are loaded with vitamins and minerals to help you feel better not only inside, but outside, too! We’ve formulated specific treatments with powerful nutrients to detoxify your body and revitalize your skin with the removal of free radicals. Glutathione and several other powerful antioxidants are included in several different drips to help lower melanin production, brighten skin, and keep it looking radiant and healthy.

Who Should Utilize IV Therapy?

If you’re a high performance athlete or workout everyday; are looking for an energy or immunity boost; are too busy to stay consistent with your diet and vitamins; are depressed or experience symptoms of depression; suffer from chronic migraines; want to jumpstart your weightloss; or get sick frequently… IV Drip Therapy is for you. Improve your productivity, regain clarity, and enhance your overall wellbeing with our cell-fortifying drip treatments.

Ava Diamond, LCSW, Mental Fitness & Nutritional Psychology Coach says, “As a woman in midlife, a competitive athlete, and an expert in Nutritional Psychology, my primary focus is on protecting my brain and body from the impact of stress and aging.  IV Drips are the perfect solution to natural supplementation for reducing cortisol, increasing dopamine, and serotonin production. What does that mean for me and the clients whom I recommend IV drips to? Increased energy, mental sharpness, and better overall health.”

Our IV Drip Treatments are the perfect way to ensure the maintaince of your internal and cellular wellness. At OPES Health, we strive to provide you with the perfect platform to help you reach your highest potential!

Maya Diamond BS Human Performance, Health and Fitness Blogger

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