Could Your Diet Be the Source of Your Chronic Migraines?

There’s little like chronic migraines. From the throbbing pain and sensitivity to potential nausea and dizziness, you’ll probably try most anything to keep the symptoms at bay. Although eating habits aren’t known to cause chronic migraines, certain foods and ingredients may contribute by triggering or worsening a flare-up. By limiting or avoiding these foods and emphasizing others, you might notice a welcome reduction in your symptoms. 

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How foods affect migraines

The exact cause of migraines remains unknown, but brief changes in your brain’s activity are believed to spur symptoms. The changes negatively impact your nerve signals and blood vessels, leading to that long-lasting, pulsating pain. For an estimated 10% of people who are prone to migraines, foods are a trigger.

Foods that trigger migraines 

Foods affect people with chronic migraines differently, but some of the most common dietary triggers include:

Certain additives in foods may also trigger migraines, including:

To determine your specific dietary triggers, keep a food diary that tracks what you eat and how much, the times you eat, and any migraine symptoms that arise.

Eating habits that trigger migraines

How you eat can also impact your migraine symptoms. Skipping meals, for example, is a common migraine headache trigger. Eating enough overall calories and staying well-hydrated can also help guard against symptoms. So avoid fad and heavily restrictive weight-loss diets, and drink enough water or other hydrating fluids, such as herbal tea or low-fat milk, so that your urine appears pale yellow or translucent. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already somewhat dehydrated.

Foods that prevent migraines

No particular foods will ensure that migraines stay away, but emphasizing certain ones within your diet while limiting potential triggers may help. Foods that may help include: 

If you struggle with chronic migraines, schedule an appointment at OPES Health Channelside. Our team of experts would welcome the chance to help you find ways to live with less pain. 

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